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Subject Date
Multimedia Improvements, Mailing List and Form Generator Updates and More 02/07/2014
Over a thousand icons and new fonts, along with other updates, have been uploaded 23/06/2014
New Design Options, Forum Module for Express and Other Tools for Improving Your Website 11/06/2014
Online store and mobile adaptability options update to ensure better browsing experience 29/05/2014
New Tools in the Virtual Store, Page Restriction for Registered Members and More 14/05/2014
New tools for the Express website builder, Product Management Improvements and More 30/04/2014
Multiple Languages, Video Galleries and Other Updates 13/04/2014
New Drag-and-Drop Tools, New Galleries and Other Upgrades 27/05/2013
Drag-and-Drop Feature, Time Settings, Virtual Store, Form Generator and more... 15/01/2013
Virtual Store, Drag-and-Drop Interface, Forms Generator and More... 09/08/2012
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