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Improving Virtual Store User Experience, Updates and Additional Tools

We are pleased to inform you about a number of new additions that were developed in the recent weeks.

Express Website Builder - a new anchor tool, improvements in video and in font selection tools.
  • New anchoring element is available directly from the toolbar in the system.
    • We have improved the option of adding an anchor and starting from now it is possible to add an anchor to a page directly from the toolbar. After adding an anchor, you can link to it from any part of a page where a link can be added.
    • We have added an anchor named “TOP” to all pages. The anchor forwards the user to the top of the page he is browsing. Choosing an anchor for a title is similar to creating a regular anchor.
  • Improvements were made to the video tool that has just come out. Now you can upload video clips directly from the file manager on the website quickly and in high quality as a background for static elements or as an independent element. Cutting clips across the screen and other editing options are available.
  • We have improved the design of the font choice dialog in relevant places in the system. Now it is more comfortable and clear.
E-commerce – user experience updates and exporting orders from the system file.
  • We have improved user experience at the time of adding a product to the shopping cart.
    • When users choose to add a product to the cart, they are automatically forwarded to the shopping cart page where they choose whether to continue to the payment procedure or add more products. If they choose the second option, they are forwarded to the product page or to a category from which they proceed to adding a product to the cart.
    • If users press on a link to the cart when the cart is empty, they are forwarded to the home page.
  • We have improved the validation of the number of products in the cart. If a negative amount or zero items are chosen, the system automatically changes it to one.
  • We have updated the ordering system so that now it is impossible to place an order worth 0$.
  • We have improved the design of the “Update” button next to the items quantity in the shopping cart, so that now it is bigger and clearer.
  • We have improved the option of exporting the list of orders to an Excel file. Now the list can be exported to a CSV and not an XLS file. CSV files can be imported to any data management program and creation software.
    Manage >> Store >> Manage Orders >> click on the Excel icon.
Management System - New templates for the mailing list module and an upgrade of the site duplication option location.
  • We have updated the new mailing list templates and the way the templates are chosen. Currently there are 5 templates supported by all recognized e-mailing software, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Walla etc.
    Manage >> More options >> Mailing Lists >> Mailing List.
  • We have improved the position and the process of the site duplication, which is now available directly from the site management menu:
    Manage >> Site Profile>> "Manage" next to the site name >> "Click here to duplicate a website".
We keep developing and creating and we hope that you will benefit greatly from our new tools.

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