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Subject Date
Significant Improvement of Email Accounts, Top Menu, Responsive Adaptability and Other Tools 03/08/2015
New responsive feature for S&D websites 22/04/2015
Updated Mobile App, Improvements in eCommerce, Multilanguage Functions and More 14/04/2015
Updates in the Form Generator, E-commerce Tools and More 02/02/2015
Updates of Coupon Generator, File Manager and Other Tools 14/01/2015
New product box design tool, web form export file upgrade and much more 10/12/2014
Updates to drag and drop tools already available in your website manager 26/11/2014
Element Animation Settings (New Feature!) and Other Updates 30/09/2014
New Options in the Form Generator, Domain Manager, Online Store and Some New Tools 31/08/2014
Improving Virtual Store User Experience, Updates and Additional Tools 25/07/2014
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