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New Options in the Form Generator, Domain Manager, Online Store and Some New Tools


We are pleased to inform you about a number of new additions that were developed in the recent weeks.

Form Generator - Field name displayed as placeholder within the field, sender email update and more.

  • Form field name as placeholder.
    You can now display the name of an HTML form field within the field itself. In order to set up this option in the Express Website Builder, go to the management panel >> Click on a contact form >> Design >> Text Location >> Select “In the field”. To set it up in the old interface, go to Tools >> Forms >> Edit next to the relevant web form >> Text Location >> In the field.
  • Sender email address updated.
    If a web form does not contain an email field, from now on, the web owner will receive messages submitted via the form from an email address of the following type: ( stands for the site’s actual domain).
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes have been redesigned and improved.

Express Website Builder Mobile Display - Menu bar location and spacing between elements.

  • Flexible menu bar location in mobile display.
    You can now define the location of the menu bar, when your responsive website is visited on a mobile device. The menu bar can be placed at the top of the screen, at its bottom, or can be hidden. To set up this feature, go to Design >> Mobile Design >> Toolbar Location.
  • Spacing between elements in responsive web design.
    The responsive layout allows display of your elements in the mobile website according to their actual ordering in the page, right next to each other. We have added the option of setting up spacing between the elements, that will affect the mobile display of the page. To set it up, go to Design >> Mobile Design >> Space between elements.

Domains - Domain extension update and graphic improvements of the domain manager.

  • Publish your website with a custom domain name with any extension.
    From now on, you are not limited to domain extensions available in the system. You don’t have to select your domain’s extension from a selection box, but you can just write it down in the free text field. In order to connect your domain in a proper manner, please make sure to avoid any typos.
    To set up a domain name, go to Domain >> All domains under the account >> Add domain.
  • Domain adding page has been improved in terms of design and enriched with textual explanations.

New Tool - Website transfer between different users.

We have launched a new tool that allows transfer of a website from one user ID to another. This solution is designed to help our website builder customers who are willing to sell their website or to pass administration license to another user. It is also great for professionals willing to turn the website over to the customer, once the construction job is complete.

The tool is available in the user management panel: Click the downward arrow sign in the top right corner of the site >> Main Management >> Website Transfer.
It is advised to thoroughly read the instructions before you proceed.

E-commerce - Email & Phone fields added to the Orders export spreadsheet.

  • When you export your orders into an Excel spreadsheet, customer email and phone details will appear on the list.

We keep developing and creating and we hope that you will benefit greatly from our new tools.

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