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Updates of Coupon Generator, File Manager and Other Tools

We are pleased to present a number of new additions developed in recent weeks.
Coupon per Product
From now on, a discount coupon issued for specific products will apply to the product price exclusively and will leave intact the extra cost of the product’s add-ons (if any).
Shopping Cart Layout
Following a series of comments and reviews from our customers, we have introduced a number of updates to the store’s shopping cart page, specifically concerning the use of discount coupons.
  • As soon as the coupon has been used, the discount will be displayed immediately beneath the product price.
  • If the coupon provides a percentage discount (e.g. 10% off), the system will show the discounted price rather than the percentage itself.
  • The discounted price is displayed in a new line that has been added during the update.
Order Confirmation
The customer will receive order confirmations and notifications about order status update from a standard system email address defined in the website builder settings.
Registered Users
The site owner will now receive an automatic email notification each time there is a new user pending approval for his registration in the website’s membership system. The notification will be sent to the site owner’s registered email address.
File Manager
The website builder’s File Manager has been improved and now it features new file management buttons and larger, clearer thumbnail preview images.
We keep developing and creating and we hope that you will benefit greatly from our new tools.

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