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Updates in the Form Generator, E-commerce Tools and More

We are pleased to inform you about some new features and upgrades introduced in recent weeks.
Web Forms
Web form submission mechanism underwent a massive update that has improved its performance. In addition:
  • Size limit for files submitted through web forms has been enlarged from 1.5 MB to 5 MB.
  • “Select country” field can now be set up as mandatory, which wasn’t possible before the update.
System pages related to the e-commerce module have been refurbished and redesigned to provide a more comprehensive layout and better responsiveness when displayed on touchscreen devices.
Free Domain as Part of Hosting Package
Starting from 15/02/2015, our premium hosting packages will no longer include a free generic top-level domain. Every order placed before 14/02/2015 will still provide this benefit automatically. This change has been made with the purpose of adjusting our products to similar offers available on the market.
We keep developing and creating and we truly hope that you’ll benefit greatly from our new tools.

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